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  Lead Ads Form

1. Select "Collect leads for your business" campaign objective

2. Fill in your Ad Set and Ad details. Then select "Create Form" at bottom of Ad level

3. Name your Lead Ad form and set language

4. Add "Context Card" and fill in all the remaining fields for your form

5. Benefits of Lead Forms

  • Optimized for mobile environment, so no load time
  • User info that is shared is pre-populated on the forms
  • Your ads will show to the most relevant people

6. Lead Ads SOLVE 4 challenges for advertisers

1. Forms collect leads across all devices

2. Improves qualify of contact info because it’s already shared with Facebook

3. Targets right peoplel because optimization

4. Lead data can be Integrated with one of Facebook's integration partners

5. Lead data can be accessed on a page in your Ads Manager

7. Other important notes:

  • Leads are kept in your Ads Manager for 90 days
  • User fills out form once and will not be shown Lead Ad form again